Inner Reach is a health psychology preventive care technology company. Our products focus on health information gathering systems and techniques. By applying industry standard medical, nursing, DSM-V psychiatric, and integrative diagnostic criteria to the company's Health Information Gathering System (HiGS), Inner Reach is able to provide consumers with a system to gather relevant information about themselves and to learn more to gain health and to keep healthy.

Our goal is to make available comprehensive systems for people to capture their own health information from infancy to old age—throughout the lifecycle, so they can know about their health and communicate their health needs efficiently, leading to better care. Our innovative insight is to provide a service that is specifically relevant to the needs and interests of people rather than only those of the usual medical mechanisms. Our vision is to improve health as well as the health delivery systems throughout the world.

Inner Reach Corporation has an interest in bringing clarity and balance to the relationship between healthcare professionals and consumers. Our focus is on providing cutting edge technology and service that is applicable to all people throughout their lifetimes. Our mission is to make a difference, help people to be healthier, and to save lives.

With research started in 1993, founded in 1996 and incorporated in 1998, Inner Reach is headquartered in Oklahoma.  The HiGS web-based access is available to insurers, corporations, organizations, and governments. For more information about these areas, you are welcome to go to