The Inner Reach Health Information Gathering System (HiGS) has evolved since 1998 to be a Preventive Care Technology blending “technology,biology and biography” for self-knowledge to effect change.

Inner Reach provides its online HiGS for consumers with self-tests for e-Histories, Health Risk Assessments (HRAs), the Body Systems’ Signs & Symptoms Tracker, and Fitness and Health Behaviors Monitoring Calendarsand other features, including device data.  HiGS gathers baselines to learn what is normal or usual and to self-monitor for ongoing issues, changes, and progress.  All HiGS components result in a Consumer-Authenticated Health Biography.  HiGS is a Health Biography Manager.

Everyone has a health story.  Everyone can tell their story with HiGS and know it is true.  Consumers almost NEVER have their own Health Story that they have told verbally to others throughout their lifetime at every point of care.  A ground breaking differentiator, HiGS is an Online Electronic Health Biography that the consumer collects, accesses, and controls.  

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