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With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, now more than ever there is a need to shift from curative medicine to preventive medicine. With millions of people eligible for insurance for the first time, insurers will find it necessary to take on the roles of both teacher and mentor when it comes to preventive health methods.
The Inner Reach® Health Information Gathering System (HiGS) is the real-time data tool designed for just this purpose.


Employers and insurers are redefining what healthcare benefits and prevention programs will look like in the near future, starting now. They are redefining who will pay, how they will pay, and how much they will pay. Figuring this out is not a small task. Inner Reach is positioned with its HiGS Platform to assist the complicated consequences of events that are unfolding due to the Affordable Care Act and trends.

Warriors and Veterans

The Inner Reach® Health Information Gathering System (HiGS) is positioned to assist in the complicated consequences of events that affect our warriors and veterans. From the warrior or veteran establishing his or her own reliable health biography to education about the various body systems to signs and symptoms of various diseases, HiGS is a valuable personal tool that allows the warrior or veteran to take charge of his or her health.

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Concierge Medicine

Each year more healthcare consumers are switching to concierge medicine to get the level of care that is increasingly lacking in our current healthcare model. Consumers no longer want to wait days or weeks for an appointment when they are sick. They want to see their concierge doctor right away, and expect their doctor to know all about them including things not in the normal medical chart. HiGS can be a key tool for the emerging Concierge Practice by providing that breadth of knowledge that standard medical practices lack.


Patients want to be listened to! They want to feel better. They want to be treated seriously and matter. They want to know what’s what. They want their medical staff to know how they experience illness and what they do to try to stay healthy. They don’t want to feel stupid or marginalized. They don’t want to be rushed. They want their needs met. Our Health Biography system - HiGS - helps you to convey all this. This is the thrust of the Inner Reach HiGS—Knowledge!

What does HiGS contain?

e-Health Histories
Health Risk Assessments (HRAs)
Signs & Symptoms

Our Health Histories help you gather information from a wide range of health-related experiences including past work experiences, your family and heritage.

Our Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) assist you in determining your risk for particular issues and enabling you to track any changes in that risk over time.

With our Signs & Symptoms Tracker you can monitor your daily issues through 9 inter-related body systems, giving you better insight into how the various systems of your body interact and cause issues in unexpected ways.



HiGS Also Contains


Health Biography

Your entire HiGS health information combines into a single document, your Health Biography which can then be shared with your healthcare providers to assist them in your care.

Third-Party Integration

HiGS can also include informaiton from third-party sites to include into your Health Biography, making it even a more complete picture of your health.

Educational Library

Our continually updated and enhanced library to help you understand current health issues includes:

  • 250+ Articles
  • 14 Series
  • 120+ Educational Videos